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How we got started

What started as a part time hobby / business in 2003 soon became my full time occupation...perhaps you could say obsession? In 2006 I left my former job to run Celtic Motorhomes as my full time business. We have grown from a 1 man band, to a highly skilled team of 7 and can now carry out most of the camper conversion process in house. One of the only things we do not do ourselves is paintwork. But we can outsource this to a trusted company and like all our other conversion work, we will warranty our painters work also.

We pride ourselves on the high quality fit and finish we achieve on all of our work. Quite simply, we will not cut corners. If a job is worth doing, then we will do it right. This doesn't always work out well for our profit margins, but I would rather put my reputation before my wallet. I believe we offer a high quality service at a reasonable price. Certainly you will get a job done cheaper, and if you are shopping around on price alone, then we are probably not for you. However, if you are looking for a quality job with no excuses, no hidden defects, only quality branded products used, then let us quote you and come and see our work. You wont be disappointed. Check out our 5* reviews and Facebook feedback. We rarely shout about how good we are....but really...we are quite good....definitely worth a look if you want something special and still want to feel like you have value for money.

Something that may or may not surprise you, is that myself and Jacqui still really do love nothing better than a weekend away in our van. Nothing has changed, we still love it. With covid affecting us all, a cheeky weekend away is often enough to restore normality for a while. The upside of us really using our own van, is that we fully understand the workings and practicalities of van life. We are also very critical of our own work, and will often design the next van or a tweak / modification based on real time use. Our own preference is off grid / self sufficient touring and our vans set up reflects that.

Ed Jukes  (Director)

Celtic Motorhomes Team

We are a well established team with a wide range of experience and qualifications. Not that qualifications count for much in this business. As much of what we do is so unique and crosses many trade disciplines, experience and a keen eye for detail are the important factors. These attributes get honed with experience. The more you do, the better you get. And we are always striving to get better, make things better, more efficient, longer lasting.

All of our current team have at least 2 years experience at Celtic Motorhomes, several staff have been here over 5 years. This experience goes a long way to producing first class campers and motorhomes that have few peers in the industry.


Edward Jukes



Jay Young

Workshop Supervisor


Nick Edwards


Jacqui Jukes



Martin Williams

Parts Manager


Pete Edmunds

Carpenter and CNC operator


Lewis Jukes

Sales and Admin

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