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VW T5 & T6 Camper conversions

Celtic Motorhomes have been converting the VW transporter into campervans and dayvans for well over a decade. We have earned a reputation for being one of the 'Good Guys', consistently producing a first class product. 

'Attention to detail'  and 'Quality' are often used to describe our product.

'Second to none', 'knowlegable' and 'Helpful' are often used to describe our service to customers.

We dont shout about it much...perhaps we should, as we are really proud of the nice things our customers say about us and we work very hard to keep it that way.

We dont spend much on advertising or promotion, prefering to show customers our quality by attending shows and events. Sure, the website could do with a professional touch...perhaps some better photos. Perhaps we should jazz up the workshop a bit. But you are buying a conversion or a motorhome and hopefully you will be more interested in enjoying that. Instead we will concentrate on helping you achieve the dreams and lifestyle you seek.

Why Choose Celtic Motorhomes ?
  • We have the skill and technical ability to carry out all of the wide range of tasks in building a motorhome to a very high standard.

  • We really do care about 'getting it right' . We dont let substandard work leave the workshop.

  • It is important to give our potential customers enough time and information to make the right decision without pressure.

  • And possibly the most important reason....we actually use our own campers...True , we dont get anywhere near enough time away as we are running a very busy workshop and are properly hands on. But rest assured, given half a chance...even if its just for a night, we will be away in a motorhome that we have built. Using it.....enjoying it....and testing how everything works so we can pass on that knowledge to you.....See our Blog, Facebook page or Instagram.

Ed & Jacqui  -  Celtic Motorhomes

T5 / T6 conversions currently unavailable.

Unfortunately due to a consistent lack of quality with elevating roofs, we have decided that it is better for us to withdraw this conversion service and to concentrate on the bigger van conversions ie Crafter , MAN, Boxer and Ducato.

This is not something we have taken lightly, but the increasing number of issues outside of our control does not fit with our business model.

We will still be taking on occasional lining work, but we do have a rather long lead time sorry.

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