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Explore the GT680

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Thule Omnistor upgrade

17 inch alloy wheels

Discreet gas input valve and BBQ output 

Custom decals

Wide variety of leather types, colours and stitch patterns

Sietz double glazed windows and blinds

High quality staron worktop with sink infill to maximise countertop space

Swivel seats for dinette area

Slatted leatherette ceiling panels

Voltronic control panel for electrics, and Truma heater controls

Thetford Triplex oven and grill

Vast array of modern lighting, with ability to dim

Light controls and dimmers throughout the van

6ft 3 x 5ft 9 Bed

Heavily insulated panels, winterised as standard

Large amount of overhead locker storage

Bed height built to your specifications

Other layouts available such as rear lounge and twin single beds

Storage of ladders, fire extinguishers and awning bar located to maximise storage

Vast garage area for storage

Voltronic control panel with multi function buttons which provide readings for all electronic usage in the van.

Gas-it Gas level indicator


control for heating and gas blown air

Light dimmers and controls throughout the vehicle

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