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Custom Conversions - Bespoke

Whilst most of our work is either to a very specific design template with the odd tweak here and there, we can certainly turn our hands to any kind of custom work.

  • Woodworking CNC

  • Edgebanding facility

  • Metalworking

  • Fibreglassing

  • Qualified carpenter and Electrician

  • Contacts for plastic moulding, welding and fabrication etc.

If you can Dream it we can almost certainly Build it.....However....Bespoke comes at a cost.

It is easy to get carried away with a bespoke build and before you know it, weeks and months of work has gone into a project. By all means, we will take on bespoke work that falls outside of our standard designs and price structure. But we have to charge a basic workshop rate of £30+vat per man hour as we always seem to misjudge it when we quote for custom work.

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