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Balance Boards For Sale

Last year I wanted a balance board to help with my paddle boarding. Having a look online I was not that impressed with the availability in the uk. The first one I made was functional but could definitely do with a few tweaks.

So to occupy a couple of days off in lockdown I spent a bit of time working on a couple of new designs.


They are great fun and really help develop balance and core strength. This is particularly relevant to all board sports, but also great fun.

The boards are cnc cut and hand finished in 18mm BB grade birch ply. This means it has no voids and any surface imperfections are repaired during manufacture.

The Roller is laid up using the same birch ply around a 24mm wood dowel, glued and pinned to ensure it is solid. The boards are supplied with a 4 inch roller which makes it reasonably easy to get started. 

Boards can be oiled, varnished, painted or just left natural.

We can offer them oiled or varnished at £120 delivered, or £110 delivered in natural state.

Currently we have 2 designs.

The narrower skate / snow board style, or wider surf / wake style.

Surf / Wake

Board is approx 700mm x 350mm.

Grip pattern has been shadowed in black, but could be left natural.

Surfer silhouette is optional.

Board in picture has a coat of clear satin varnish. Roller is natural.

End stops are screwed on in these photos but for production boards they will be removable to allow advanced tricks for those who wish to push it a little.

Varnished or oil finish

Price £120 inc delivery and VAT @ 20%.

Natural Finish

Price £110 inc delivery and VAT @ 20%

All boards are currently made to order so may well take a week or so before we can get them delivered.


Skate / Snow

Board dimensions are 750mm x 300mm.

This board and roller are both finished with a light coat of danish oil to give a little protection, but mostly to enhance the natural wood finish.

Natural finish or clear varnish are also available.

Oiled or Varnish Finish

Price £120 including delivery and VAT @ 20 %.

Natural Finish

Price £110 including delivery and VAT @20%

All boards are currently made to order so may well take a week or so before we can get them delivered.

Tel 07771 650600 to place an order.



The boards are made from a natural product and whilst we take pride in our work, there may be a chip or bit of grain that is not smooth. We hope this will not bother you too much as they are designed to be stood on and kicked around the floor. We do however insist on using top quality sustainable ply in all our construction.

Using a balance board can be dangerous. Always use it on a carpeted floor or carry a strip of carpet to put under the roller. Using it on a polished floor will almost certainly end up with the board embeded  in the TV and you dumped on the coffee table....make sure you have adequate space to bail out. We accept no responsibility for any injuries resulting from the use of your balance board. 

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