VW Crafter


Important Booking Information.

Due to huge supply problems in the industry , affecting van supply and many of the conversion parts, we are finding ourselves a little behind schedule. As a result we are concentrating on current work rather than booking new jobs in. We are currently booked until around Feb 2023, so we are not taking on any more enquiries, orders or doing quotes for a few months. We hope the website gives you sufficient information to decide if you wish to wait for a conversion. If you are interested in having a discussion in a few months, then please leave your contact details in an email.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

The cost of parts is significantly rising almost weekly in some cases. Timber costs have almost doubled over the past year. We have not increased our labour costs, but bear in mind an average cost increase of 20-25% on a parts bill of £20-£25000 per conversion. We are having to finalise conversion costs in the month prior to build. Typically this can mean a conversion is £3000 more than it was a year ago.

We apologise for this, but we cannot afford to absorb these costs and hope our customers understand.