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Important Notice.

It is with great sadness that we have had to put Celtic Motorhomes Ltd into voluntary liquidation. This is a company that we have been running for 19 years and has been a massive part of our lives since 2003.

We have never been a financially successful operation but have mostly been able to keep our heads above water. 6 years ago we expanded and took on additional workshop space and got up to 7 employees at one time.

We started developing bigger van conversions and saw huge interest at our first trip to the NEC show. Thinking the future looked bright, we borrowed more money to fund the bigger van conversions and then Covid hit.

Since then, whilst we have had a very full order book we have just seemed to have problem after problem.

Parts shortages, huge price increases, van shortages and delivery schedules all over the place, furlough, staff sick leave, and many more issues.

We seem to have spent more time trying to manage the situation (badly), and then having to work 80-90 hours every single week just to even get close to keeping up.

Couple this with the fact that we have taken on way too many custom jobs that seem to just suck up the work hours and we eventually got to a point where we cannot financially continue to operate as a business. We are not blaming anyone, just trying to explain how we ended up in this situation.

On Monday we entered Voluntary Liquidation. We have written to all our customers who are waiting to have work carried out and believe me letting customers down is never something we wanted to do. This has been a big factor in us keeping our heads in the sand and avoiding the inevitable.

We are also extremely disappointed to have to make our staff redundant because of this and apologise profusely for the short notice given.

We hope to try to continue with a smaller more manageable business which on a personal level will give us a better work life balance.

We hope you are understanding of our need to have a week or 2 to get our thoughts and plans together and deal with the issue in hand. As such, we are unlikely to be available to take calls etc for a short while.

Regards Ed and Jacqui.

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